Android application development is the process by which new applications are made for devices running the Android OS. Android applications can be written using Java, C++ and Java languages using the Android Development Kit (SDK), while using other languages is also possible.


More people are being interested in Android development or Android application day by day. There are some reasons behind it.

Firstly, Android is dominating the market by having nearly 80% share. The estimated total number of Android devices in the hands of clients is around 1.6 billion.

Android applications have been found to be more profitable than applications in iOS, windows phone and other devices. The average revenue for Android applications has spiked from 20% to 65%. More advertisers are getting interested in Android applications nowadays.

Android development can be done on Mac, Linux and Windows. Google Play Store charges a developer $25 whereas Apple App Store charges $99. So, developing Android application is less expensive and it doesn’t require Mac.

One of the best parts of Android application is Google Play Store. One can easily download an application and update it regularly without any hardship.

Java programming language is utilized to develop native Android applications. These applications can easily be ported to mobile operating devices like Symbian, Blackberry and Ubuntu. Android applications can also be ported easily to Chrome OS. Microsoft also trying to provide a method to port Android applications to Windows 10 devices. Thus, the best feature of Android application is its portability.


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