Along with delivering cost-effective and efficient IoT solutions for businesses of different sizes and industries, we offer a variety of related services: consulting,  analytics, implementation, support and evolution.

If you plan to launch an IoT initiative, improve an existing IoT application or integrate your IoT solution with a system – we are ready to help you and work out a dependable and cost-effective way to address the challenge your business .


Our IoT team serves for businesses at different IoT acquisition stages and provides:

  • Consulting

  • Full-cycle development services

  • Implementation of IoT solution based on high-level requirements

  • Implementation of IoT solution based on detailed requirements

  • Seamless integration of an IoT solution with legacy systems and applications

  • Support and Upgrade

The challenges we face :

  • Lack of  competences in IoT

  • The need for collaboration among IoT project’s stakeholders

  • The need for constant improvement after deployment